Katelyn: Phonetic form of Caitlin – the Irish form of Katherine; Pure.

Hello Friends,

My name is Katelyn and I am pure.

From the day of my birth, when my parents named me “Katelyn”, they gave me a legacy and an identity. This identity was one I didn’t know how to live up to for many years. For many years I floundered in not only my fleshly purity but in my spiritual and emotional purity. I gave my mind, heart and body away to men and women alike, as I searched for love and identity in all the wrong places. By twenty years old, after a heartbreak with the man I thought I would marry, I believed myself past the point of saving. If a man who loved the Lord more than anything, couldn’t love me in my brokenness, then who would ever love me? I somehow knew enough about God’s love to know that it could equip other people to love monstrously, but didn’t realize that God’s love reached all the way to me, without having to have another person as a conduit of this love.

Instead of embracing my name as a prophecy over my life and believing it to be me, I embraced the opposite of my name’s meaning. I became enveloped in sin and dirt; running from the one thing that could help me… the Father’s love. Yet, I remained angry and bitter that the Father didn’t pull me out of the pit I continued to crawl back to. Isn’t that how we humans often react to the Father? We want him to pull us out of our sin, but we are the ones who crawl right back to it, and we continue to blame him. Through all our abuse, he remains full of mercy and grace, always pulling us back to his lap to comfort us and gently correct us.

Over the last year, God has been teaching me so much about the prophetic nature of our names. I think of bible times when names inspired not only identity, but it often prophesied over the child’s life. I believe, wholeheartedly, that my name is a prophecy over my life. I’ve heard it often said (forgive me for paraphrasing) that the areas where you struggle the most, or even feel weakest in, are most likely where your calling in life resides. Satan and his demons comes against us most strongly in the areas of our breakthroughs! He does not want us to hear the true calling on our lives, so he does whatever he can to convince us that we are weak and powerless in these areas.

For years I have said that I want to work with women who have suffered sexual abuse, who have lost their innocence too young, or who just want to know their sexual identity through the eyes of Christ. Only now do I realize that this was prophesied with my name. God called me pure at birth, and though it has been a struggle to understand this, to embrace it, I now know that the things that God has taught me and will teach me, will be used to help other women know their identity in Christ as well! I have not, by any means, arrived at perfection, nor am I saying that I no longer struggle or am tempted by things of the flesh… No, these things still try to control me. But I have the Lord Almighty on my side and the Holy Spirit resides within me. My soldiers and I are constantly ready for battle if need be. I finally feel equipped to embrace an identity of purity and let God lead my life as he wills.

I hope you’ll hang out with me as I start to fully embrace this journey. I’m not always the best writer, but I know it does my heart good to write, and so I will set out to inform you guys of God’s goodness and love as much as I can. Blessings friends!

Katelyn (Katey)



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