Her Song

Each semester, my school assigns the students a semester project. This project can be anything from performing a song you wrote, to presenting a painting you painted! The point is that we express, in whatever form fits us best, the ways in which we have grown this semester. Well, I decided to write a short story about my dreams and my heart’s deepest desire. Its not horribly long, but I have never shared my writings before and I’m a little nervous. I hope you enjoy it and it moves your heart!

Her Song by Katey McLaughlin

Beth walked out into the field and saw them. They surrounded her. Some were huddled together, some sat separate from one another. There were thousands of them and as far as she could see, they just kept going. Women of all different shapes and sizes, races and nationalities. Young and old, they surrounded Beth. They were shrouded in darkness, covered in dirt and human excrement, shivering from head to toe as they crouched in the mud. But they didn’t move.

As Beth reached out towards the woman closest to her, she heard whispering. She froze, suddenly afraid she was interrupting some sort of gathering. She looked around for the voice… Where was the whispering coming from? As she began to listen she realized it was not just one voice, but thousands of tiny voices speaking in perfect unison. But where were the voices coming from? She moved closer to the woman next to her and tried to identify the source of the whispering. The woman’s lips were not moving and no noise was coming from her, but yet the whispering was close. She could feel it more than hear it now. Then, Beth saw it. A monstrously ugly creature no bigger than a dime, sat atop the woman’s ear whispering lie after lie into her mind and inevitably, her soul. As Beth continued to listened, she could hear there was a creature for each woman and they were all whispering lies. Like a demonic chant, they repeated it over and over until the woman was beaten and broken, unmoving in the mud. “Oh Abba. What do I do?”  She heard the simple reply, “Help her beloved.”

Beth turned to the woman on the other side of her and realized that it was a young girl she was friends with! “How did she get here?!” Beth reached out to touch her shoulder but the creature, suddenly volatile, doubled in size and attacked Beth’s hand. Pulling back in fear and pain, she looked down at her hand to see a deep cut spreading across the back of her thumb. Clutching her hand, Beth watched as the creature, having protected its prey, casually went back to spitting lies into the mind of the friend in front of Beth.  “Father, I don’t know what to do. How am I to help these woman?! They don’t even know I’m here with them.”

Beth realized that she was crying and as she felt Abba wipe her tears away and calm the pain in her hand, she heard him say to her, “Sing, beloved. Sing over them. Your song is louder than the lies.” So she knelt beside her friend, and began to sing. Softly, and so gently at first, her song came forth. It was a song of light, of hope, and of freedom. All around her, Beth heard the whispering stop, she felt the darkness disappear, and as she felt the returning sun warm her own skin, her friend looked up. Surprised eyes looked into Beth’s eyes and as Beth kept singing, her friend started singing with her. Beth watched in amazement as the dirt that was caked on her friend’s skin fell away to reveal skin covered with colorful brush strokes. As her friend’s song became louder and more bold, the artwork on her skin began to glow and pulse. With a sudden jolt, she jumped up and, laughing, she practically dragged Beth over to the next woman, who was starting to stand on her own. This woman was desperately scratching and tearing at the dirt on her body. Worried that she would unintentionally break her own skin in her desperation to remove the dirt, Beth enveloped her in a hug and as she pulled away, she looked down to see that all the dirt was simply falling off of the woman’s skin. Before Beth, stood a woman glowing and as the woman gave Beth the widest smile she’d ever seen, Beth took a step back and looked around. She listened to the song that was soaring through the field and realized that each woman, once they were awakened and cleansed then quickly ran to the nearest woman to help her! Beth took a glance around and saw hundreds of joyful, dancing women. Some were covered in beautiful, colorful brush strokes like her friend and some were sprouting lush and vibrant bouquets of flowers from their heads. Some women were surrounded by stars that twinkled and glowed brighter than they did at night! And some women were laughing and with each laugh out came all sorts of feathers or sparks of electricity. But ALL were helping one another, hugging each other, and singing the same song; that song of light, of hope, and of freedom.

Far away, Beth could see women still shrouded in darkness, but as she watched, the women were spreading like fire and the influence of the song was growing steadily. Beth sat down in a small field of wildflowers that had sprouted at her feet and wept for joy. “Thank you Abba. Thank you.”  Her ears were full of the sound of her song, of chains breaking, and women laughing.


“Wake up Katey! You’re gonna be late!” Forgetting my dream, I threw off my covers and rushed through my routine of getting ready in the morning. I grabbed my coffee and my keys and practically threw myself down the stairs. It wasn’t until I got in my car and grabbed my steering wheel that I noticed it. On the back of my thumb, about two inches long, was a recently made and healed cut. In a flash of colors and sounds, my dream came flooding back into my mind and I watched as the cut on my hand glowed and pulsed, and then disappeared. “Uh… Abba? What the…?” “Well beloved, where shall we go next?!”



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