disjointed and disfigured thoughts at 12:30 am.

she’d been defined all her life. different identities swirl in her rearview mirror.

prescription bottle caps unscrewed, empty glass bottles, cold beds, and bloody wrists.

her rearview mirror is dark and foggy, clouded and shattered. the pieces threaten to cut at her skin, they tear at her clothes.

twenty six years of life, twenty six years of being told who she is, of where to go, of all the things wrong, of all the the things right. why does everyone else’s opinion matter so much?

in love with her own potential, unable to make it a reality.

tears flow, eyes swell, breathe catches. she longs for adventures and dreams of hope.

the keys are in her hand. its her choice.

she rips off the rearview mirror and presses on the gas.


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