About Me

Hello friends,

I’m Katelyn. I’m 27 years old and living in Southern California for the time being.

I’ve always enjoyed writing, but never let myself dream it could be more than just an outlet for me. Recently, I’ve decided to do just that; LET MYSELF. In whatever form it comes… let myself dream, let myself dance, let myself sing, let myself laugh, let myself cry, let myself be, let myself love. This blog is the outpouring of that. I don’t write out of obligation, which is why there isn’t a post every week, but I write when I need to and when I feel inspired.

I’m humbled and honored that you’ve taken the time to read this and my posts. Thanks for being here!

All the love and fairy dust,


If you’d like more of my writing follow my instagram: @katey_rey and look for #blindlesspoet.


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